EDUI 6005

This page is for my EDUI 6005 students. I will be posting resources here along with Blackboard.


Use this link to access the PDF that shows you the various shortcuts you can use on your computer:Computer Shortcuts Link

To review what was discussed regarding Additive, Subtractive, RGB, CMYK, and color thoeries Click the link here to view the review file:Color Theory

Use these links to access the files for the projects we’ll be working on in class:

Resizing/Resampling Leaf (Week 1)
Resizing/Resampling Link (Week 1)
Color Wheel Start Image (Week 1)
Triangle (Week 1)
Photoshop Project 1 Resource Files (Week 1)
Sample Images for Batch Processing (Week 2)
Retouching Photo Starting Image(Week 2)
Hot Air Balloon Starting Image (Week 2)
Mountain Range (Week 2)
City Starting Image (Week 3)
Crab Photoshop Image (Week 3)
Felix the Cat (Week 3)
San Francisco Street View 1 (Week 3)
San Francisco Street View 2 (Week 3)
Cosmic Compositions Earth (Week 4)
Cosmic Compositions Texture (Week 4)
Pop-Art Project (Week 5)


Projects from previous classes:
Hybrid Fruit Project Apple (Week 8)
Hybrid Fruit Project Kiwi (Week 9)

Tentative Final Project Rubric (Subject to change)