EDUI 6200

This page is for my EDUI 6200 students. I will be posting resources here along with Blackboard.

Use this link to access the PDF that shows you the various shortcuts you can use on your computer:
Computer Shortcuts Link

You’ll need a text editor to get started. Notepad++ is a great tool to create HTML and CSS pages on a Windows PC. You can download it by visiting:

If you’re using a Mac you can also use an application called Text Wrangler. Download it by visiting:

When we are working on your first website, you will need one of the files below (your choice):

Circle Background

Grunge Background

Files for first Dreamweaver Tutorial:

Arrash and Owl Image

Banner Image

Yellow Squares Background


Adobe Color Wheel

Paper Leaf Design’s Color Theory Chart

Color Wheel Lesson File

The sites below are not endorsed by me and I am not responsible for the content for them.  Use them at your own risk and always use caution when accessing sites on the Web:

Design Crazed Free Templates

Free Dreamweaver Templates org

Etheos Templates

Dreamweaver Templates org

Access Mikogo (3/2/2015):

Session Code: 005-633-235