PaintbrushArrash the Archer, Education is dedicated to the creation and development of a standardized computer science and multimedia curriculum to help students from kindergarten through grade eight. The framework and curriculum called Applied Computer Technology Education (ACTE) was created by Arrash Jaffarzadeh and has evolved throughout the years to keep up with the ever-changing fields related to education and technology. Development of the framework and later, the curriculum began in 2005 and has been growing ever since. The curriculum has been enhanced further thanks to education and programs at California State University, East Bay’s dynamic Educational Technology Leadership M.S., and Pepperdine’s Learning Technologies doctoral programs.

ACTE has five branches fundamentals, graphic design, multimedia, programming, and technology engineering. Together, they form a framework and curriculum to help students prepare for the jobs, careers, and opportunities of tomorrow.

The educational model described on this site is designed to integrate with the core subjects including English, history, and in particular, math and science. By using a combination of digital art and interactive design, participating students develop a strong sense of creativity and the ability to break down problems to find proper solutions. They also learn to reinforce and enhance their lessons in math and science.