Computer Science

Arrash Teaches ProgrammingOwl and ProgrammingThe final phase of the curriculum is the computer science section which encompasses coding using Object Oriented Programming languages. Coding skills are an important attribute to have in today’s modern society. Learning to code requires students to develop skills in problem solving, logic, math, science, physics, and engineering. Students are discover how to break down problems to accomplish their goal in the program. The curriculum introduces students to:

laptopThis portion of the curriculum begins in first grade. Students are introduced to a visual based programming environment by using Scratch. Students learn how to give the computer instructions and the basics of coding. At third grade, students begin to work with Flash ActionScript and how to create interactive Shockwave Flash programs and games. At sixth grade, students are also introduced to JavaScript to create web applications. Students are introduced to Objective-C to create iPad and iPhone applications at seventh and eighth grade.