Graphic Design

PaintbrushPaintbrushGraphic design is literally all around us in our society. We see it on our way to work, in the publications we read, and on the sites we search through on our computers. Students are introduced to concepts such as RGB and CMYK color, composition, resolution, and how to create and alter images to create publications and graphics for the web.

Students discover two main tools for digital design:

  1. Bitmap Based Design
  2. Vector Based Design

Students learn the considerations needed for creating something intended for the Web vs. a physical product or package.  In packaging design, students have the opportunity to explore marketing and business, psychology, and aesthetics as they develop their projects.  These skills are also used when designing for the web or digital media.  In either case, students apply their learning about the visual elements of art (color, form, line, shape space texture, and value) in a digital space.

Through the process of learning about graphic design students have the opportunity to demonstrate creativity and self expression while developing skills in a useful field that can aid them in any field they choose in the future; from developing beautiful graphics for a PowerPoint presentation to creating graphics and photography for a website or project. Having graphic design skills can aid them on their paths to success.