Video Editing and Visual Effects

Video CameraArrash and Graphic DesignThe process of planning, shooting, editing, and adding visual effects is both challenging and exciting for students. There is a great deal of knowledge that goes into creating a video and is a natural progression from animation. Students discover how various shots and angles can aid them in their storytelling.

As they improve in skill, they can work collaboratively for a large scale short film where tasks are divided up among their team. This is a valuable skill in that any job or profession generally requires its workers to apply their specific area of expertise to contribute to the whole. A full student production involves:

  • Director
  • Camera
  • First Assistant Camera
  • Second Assistant Camera
  • Grip
  • Boom Operator
  • Makeup
  • Lighting

ClackerStudents also have the oportunity to learn about the visual effects process. Using programs such as Adobe After Effects and Premier, students are only limited by their imaginations to make their ideas come to life. The examples below were created by 12-13 year old students from start to finish.