Web Design

It’s hard to imagine how much the internet reshaped the path of human civilization and progress so profoundly. Almost everything we do today utilizes the internet and computer technology in some way. Learning to work and create in this medium is an essential skill for students of tomorrow.

Students begin by learning about HTML and how tags are used to give the web browser instructions. These tags can aid students in creating simple webpage with images, links, and basic formatting and functionality. As students progress, they go from creating a simple webpage to a website with a structure of its own; learning to create a website is involves careful planning and forethought. Flowcharts or sitemaps are an excellent starting point for creating a website and is a skill that can be useful in other projects both in school and beyond.

Once they have completed the planning and research for their site, they can begin to create their webpages and populate them with information and images. Eventually, students discover how to use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to create visually appealing web pages that capture the attention of their audience.

As the students progress, they discover how to use a combination of WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) software and their coding skills to create e-commerce websites to market and sell products. The thumbnails below are student examples of a simple website utilizing CSS and a e-commerce site.